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Thank you Tattoo Freeze

Wow can't believe its been just over a week since we got back form Tattoo Freeze in Telford. as always we had an amazing time, our first time working the show since its become a 2 day conventions, although Sunday is still the highlight with the VW show Camper Mart in the adjoining halls.

The team smashed out some awesome tattoo's as always, over the weekend, Hollie with Terry Pratchet themed piece, Bex with some awesome colour and Mick with a bit off "who ya gonna call....... Ghostbusters" !!!!!

We even managed to come back with a new team member The Dude, he's gonna be helping me on the front desk at the studio, I've heard he's no better at brew making than me though lol

If you like the look of our new team member The Dude go check out on Gizmobots on Facebook.

Big thanks tot he team at Jazz for having us, and we'll see you all next year :)

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