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Tattoo Freeze, 1st & 2nd Jan 2020

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

We kicked off our year with a trip to Telford for Tattoo Freeze. Been the first convention of year its always a blast to catch up with friends new and old. With the full #teamoldsmithy in attendance, it was set to be a great outing.

Day one saw Hollie and Bex collaborating on the loverly Sam, well you'd call anyone lovely who'd let two people tattoo you at the same time!! Whilst Mick cracked on with walk-ups.

Tattoo conventions are great places to get a cheeky tattoo with many artists just like Mick offering walk-up tattoos. This usually means the artist has a range of designs (flash) you can pick from, and these can often be at a discounted rate. Other artists like what Hollie and Bex were doing use conventions as an opportunity to show off their style and skill with portfolio style pieces. the subject matter for sams tattoo was Fear & Loathing in Las Vagas, which fit perfectly with Hollie abstract style and Bex's solid colouring.

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