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Thank you Tattoo Tea Party

What an awesome time we had in Manchester at Tattoo Tea Party tattoo show last weekend, I'm still buzzing it was such a great show........or is that more because i got tattooed all day by Hollie 不不

I had the pleasure of receiving this beauty, which we were really please the judges recognised Hollies different style, with comments like "wow that's different" , "that's breaking the mould" and "is the world ready" is just awesome feedback.

We manages to get some time laps footage done of this been made, so keep and eye out for that in the coming weeks.

Day two Hollie was doing walk ups, massive thank to another Matt for getting this awesome designs of Hollie's. It had had so much interest over the weekend so Hollie was well chuffed when she was able to do it.

Tattoo Tea Party is an awesome show, with some outstanding artists, many of whole we haven't see in ages, so it was really nice to go say hi. Conventions are are always great places to put names to faces as well, well Instagram accounts lol

The show was busy right off the bat as soon as the doors opened, which is brilliant as so many shows these days just don't get the footfall they deserve.

We defiantly recommend you check this show out one year. We'll hopefully be back next year so if you'd like to get tattooed by Hollie drop us an email at

You also can't beat it been at the Trafford Centre, with so many options to eat or drink. So till our next convention which will be Staffordshire Tattoo Gathering, see you around or at the studio.

Check out Tattoo Tea Party on Social Media:

Instagram: @tattooteaparty

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