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Fill a Sock Appeal - Leek

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

We are participating in this great initiative this the Christmas We are one of the collection points in Leek so if you'd like to join in and help us help the homeless this winter.

Fill a Sock Appeal - Leek has been set up by local parent who saw the appeal on the Help for the Homeless CIC Facebook page who are based in Chell Heath, Stoke on Trent. She thought it was such a good idea that she spread it around some friends and and it’s kinda taken off. Our Studio Manager Matt is also helping run the Facebook page and get the info of the appeal out there.

It's dead easy to help. You'll need a pair of new adult socks, long ones are best and fill either one or both with the below items, if you are filling both socks please tie together, if only one sock remember to also put the other sock in and label either male or female 👍

Toothbrush & toothpaste Roll on deodorant Sweets & chocolate Comb Hand sanitiser Gloves Hand warmer Sanitary items if for a female

NO, money or alcohol please

We will need the socks dropped off at one of our collection points by TUESDAY 18th DECEMBER

Lasar Radio (Mon to Fri 10 - 2) - Leek

Once all the socks have been collected they will then be taken to the Help for the Homeless in Chell Heath, who will then distribute them to the homeless.

Please share the Fill a Sock Appeal - Leek Facebook page to help us get as many folk involved as we can and if you have any questions please message us 🙂

Note: This is not our initiative but one we are supporting so please go check out the Church of the Saviour Chell Heath, Help for the Homeless Facebook page:

They are also trying to raise £500 to help the homeless this winter go check out their JustGiving page:…

Thank you 🧦🤩👍

Some of the socks that have already kindly been dropped off at the Studio.

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