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Nick Devine

Date Guesting:  23rd & 24th November 2018 (fully booked)

Booking enquires via email only please


Instagram:  @nickdevine

Speciality:  Blackwork

bex priest

Date Guesting:  9th & 10th November 2018 (2 hours left)


Facebook Page:  CultoftheSphynx

Instagram:  @bexpriesttattoos

Speciality: Illustrative Blackwork, Dotwork, Geometric and Occult. 

Resident Studio:

Random Info (in their own words): I've had my work in Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine, I won miss bellydance UK in 2012 pmsl!! Also I'm an old goth so cookies welcome (vegan of course hahaha)

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Craig James

Date Guesting:  12th & 13th February 2019


Facebook Page: Craig Tattooist James

Instagram:  @craigjamestattoos

Speciality:  Colour Realism & Black & Grey

Random Info (in their own words): I won a drawing competition with the post office when I was 8 and I love nothing more than riding unicorns whilst dressed as Deadpool! Also when I was 12, I drew a five pound note in science class, and spent it on sweets on my way home.....and even got given change!..... BONUS!!

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Sarah Duncan

Date Guesting:  Thursday 18th & Friday 19th April 2019



Facebook Page:  Sarah Duncan Tattooer

Instagram:  @sdtattooer

Speciality: Dotwork, linework, geometric and illustrative blackwork.

Resident Studio:

Random Info (in their own words):  I've been tattooing around 7 years now, and love drawing and printmaking. If I'm not in the studio, then you can normally find me on the nearest climbing wall, or sleeping in a tree.

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Paul Davies


Date Guesting:  April 11th (Fully Booked)



Instagram: @paulokink

Studio Facebook Page: Ragnarok Tattoo Kingsbridge


Speciality: Dotwork


Damian Cooper


Date Guesting:  March dates postponed until the summer




Facebook Page:  Damian Cooper

Instagram: @damiancooper1


Speciality: Dotwork & Geometric 


Paul Vaughan


Date Guesting:  5th & 6th September 2019




Facebook Page:  Paul Vaughan Tattoos

Instagram:  @paulvaughantattoos

Twitter:  @PvTattoo


Speciality: I would say is realism both black and grey and colour and love creating serealism designs, but I just love tattooing lol

Resident Studio:

Random Info (in their own words): Awards, none cause I faf too much getting set up so never enter, I also like long walks on the beach and letting my hair down on a weekend.

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